Administrative Council

The ED is responsible for the overall management and implementation of all activities of Shimantik and both REC and CEC ensures the voluntary oversight to the activities implemented through ED and his implementation teams. The organization has different section or department like program & research, capacity building & training, education and finance & human resource. It has also an internal audit and monitoring section. Different directors (who are also the core staff of the organization) are responsible for respective department that are assigned as per its constitution. Besides these, different project wise resources are available as per project design and implementation approach. Administrative Council’s activities are guided by policies and guidelines approved by its CEC which includes personnel (HR) policy, financial management policies, work place policy, quality assurance guidelines, child safety policy, gender policy etc.

Senior management team (SMT)

Shimantik has its senior management team (SMT) constituted by ED, DEDs, Directors and project heads/chiefs of different project. The SMT lead by the Executive Director where some key professionals of Shimantik volunteers (member of CEC/REC) involved. The main objective of formation the SMT is to review the progress of different project wise activities of Shimantik regularly and suggest corrective measures, if necessary. It also discus, share its opportunity, challenges, problems and take initiatives to resolve the problem (if any) during implementing the project activities. It helps the organization to reach its set goals, objectives properly and accelerates the momentum of delivering the services with the highest level of quality.

Implementation Approach

Shimantik implements the projects by following approaches:

⇒ Project to program, research to program
⇒ Capacity Building of Community and local institute
⇒ Community participation in developing project proposal and implementation process
⇒ Experience sharing, research findings dissemination and scaling up
⇒ Community contribution
⇒ Cost sharing
⇒ Make resources available for the benefit of stakeholders and beneficiaries

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