General Council (GC)

General Council (GC) is the highest level body of the organization, which is consists of more than 70 members from different professionals. GC meets once yearly in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The role of GC is to elect Central Executive Committee (CEC) member for 2 years duration, review the ongoing organizational activities and approve the yearly organizational activity plan, formulate and approve policies and annul budget.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee consists of 11 members from different professionals selected by the GC for 2 years duration. The role of Advisory Committee is to advice the CEC while the organization faces any critical crises or problems and plays an active role on organizational management and development in an advisory capacity.

Central Executive Committee (CEC)

Central Executive Committee consists of 11 members-elected by the GC for 2 years duration. CEC meets once in every three months to discuss the progress of organizational activities, take part in policy making process, organizational management, development and take initiative to implement of the different activities of the organization and solve problems if organization faces so far. The CEC remains accountable to the GC and the Executive Director remains accountable to the CEC.

Regional Executive Committee (REC)

There are four REC which represents the CEC to implements Shimantik’s different projects and program for different places and locations. Each REC has 7 members elected by CEC for two years duration like CEC. These RECs provide support to different projects as and when required on behalf of CEC.

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