Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project-II UPHCSDP-II

Shimantik UPHCSDP-II, BCC, Barishal PA-01

Shimantik has been functioning its UPHCSDP-II in Barishal City Corporation (BCC), PA-01. It covers 23 wards (Ward nos. 1, 2,3,6,8, 9,10, 11,12,13, 16,17,19,20, 22,23, 24,25,26,27,28 and 29) of Barishal City Corporation through 1 comprehensive reproductive health care centre (CRHCC), 4 primary health centre (PHC) and 8 satellite team. It has also BCC activities at the community level. It has estimated 434,357 populations for the project area. From July 2021 through May 2022, the project has provided a total of 96,885 services where 22,642 are for poor services. CRHCC, PHC and some Satellite clinics are providing self-EPI services twice/once in a week in collaboration with city corporation health department. The project has provided 10,883 ANC services, 3,693 PNC services, 643 safe delivery services, 8,150 LCC & counseling services, 16,175 Family planning services, 5,905 child health services with EPI, 2,922 adolescent health services and 2,901 ORH services. It has registered pregnant women of the project area during family registration and regularly update the list of ANC mother including eligible couples. The project provided iron supplementation for ANC mother and Vitamin – A for PNC mother on regular basis. It has provision to lab test facilities (Blood Grouping, Blood for HB%, Sugar, Urine Albumin and Sugar, HBsAg and pregnancy test) in all our static clinic and satellite clinics. It has performed 20,776 lab tests during this reporting period.